Zymeworks Team Carries the Journey of Hope Torch to Hope, Canada

Raising Awareness and Funds to Fight Cholangiocarcinoma 

A team of volunteers from Zymeworks headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. made a special trip to Hope, Canada on June 25, in recognition of The Journey of Hope, a cholangiocarcinoma awareness and fundraising campaign to benefit the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

Dave and Linda Fleischer lost their daughter Sarah to cholangiocarcinoma in 2018, but they did not lose hope. To the contrary, they are spreading hope and awareness of this rare cancer of the biliary tract, to honor the memory of Sarah. On May 20, Dave and Linda set out on a 15,000-mile journey across the 48 contingent U.S. states, in recognition of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s 15th anniversary and to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit foundation. Their Journey of Hope included stops in 17 towns named Hope across the U.S., as well as cancer research institutes focused on discovering and developing treatments for cholangiocarcinoma. They looked for and found symbols of hope along the way, from windchimes and sunflowers to meetings with cholangiocarcinoma survivors and their loved ones.

The Fleisher’s considered carrying their message to B.C. Canada and to the town of Hope, Canada, which is about 100 miles from Zymeworks global headquarters in Vancouver.  When the border closure, caused by the pandemic, prevented that possibility, the Zymeworks team was happy to carry the Journey of Hope torch to Hope, Canada, on behalf of the Fleisher’s and the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. The Zymer volunteers followed the Fleisher’s lead and were on the lookout for signs of hope along the way – and found them in a monument marking the location where the Olympic torch passed through Hope in 2010, and at nearby Bridal Veil Falls.

Zymeworks is proud to sponsor this Journey of Hope and invites everyone to follow Dave’s journey and contribute to the related fundraising campaign. For more information, visit