Zymeworks Shares Perspective on the Promise of Multi-Specific Antibodies at Digital STAT News Event

While monoclonal antibodies have revolutionized the treatment of cancer, the complex biology underlying these diseases has meant that further enhancements are required. Bispecific antibodies have the potential to change the way cancer is treated.  On October 28, STAT hosted a digital event, sponsored by Zymeworks, “Bispecifics: The Next Weapon Against Cancer.” Zymeworks Chief Scientific Officer Tony Polverino spoke at the event, along with oncology experts from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Cancer Research Institute. 

The challenges in developing optimal bispecifics involve ensuring that you have a platform that results in high efficiency of pairing of the binding domains, good manufacturability, and that the resulting molecules display pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity properties that closely resemble those of traditional monoclonal antibodies. Click here to view Tony’s remarks, and the entire STAT event, which was moderated by Damian Garde, STAT national biotech reporter.