Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) Launches Program to Support Newly Diagnosed Patients and Their Caregivers

Zymeworks is pleased to be the lead sponsor of CCF’s Newly Diagnosed/New to CCF Program. 

There are approximately 40,000 cases of cholangiocarcinoma (CCA), a form of biliary tract cancer, diagnosed around the world each year. Although it is considered a rare cancer, the incidence of CCA is growing. A recent study (JAMA Network Open) estimates that by 2040, liver and bile duct cancer will be the third deadliest cancer in the United States.  

Zymeworks applauds CCF’s goal to connect with each person diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, and is pleased to serve as the lead sponsor of their recently launched Newly Diagnosed program. The program is the key to achieving that objective by providing critical information to patients including CCA specialists, second opinions, biomarker testing, support, and additional resources.  

This program provides essential information and vital resources for newly diagnosed patients through their entire cancer journey including treatment options. Physicians can now refer their patients to CCF for the support their patients need outside of the exam room. 

Patients and their caregivers may get involved with this program by visiting the Newly Diagnosed/New to CCF webpage.